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The fiftieth anniversary Dublin Pride March takes place on Saturday, June 29th, 2024. If you are taking part as an individual or with a group of friends, there’s no need to register. You can just rock up on the day and join in at any point on the route past O’Connell Street.

Assembly Zones:
Pink - Parade lead and accessibility support section.
Red - Support and advocacy organisations.
Orange - Sport and social groups.
Yellow - Public service groups.
Green - Pride Partners and ally groups.
Blue - Pride Partners and ally groups.
Purple- Pride Partners and ally groups.
Stripes- Pride Partners and ally groups.
Pink Zone: Assemble by 11.30am Estimated Start Time 12.00pm.
Red Zone: Assemble by 11.40am Estimated Start Time 12.10pm.
Orange Zone: Assemble by 11.50am Estimated Start Time 12.20pm.
Yellow Zone: Assemble by 12.00am Estimated Start Time 12.30pm.
Green Zone: Assemble by 12.10am Estimated Start Time 12.40pm.
Blue Zone: Assemble by 12.20am Estimated Start Time 12.50pm.
Purple Zone: Assemble by 12.30am Estimated Start Time 1.00pm.
Stripes Zone: Assemble by 12.30am Estimated Start Time 1.00pm.

Community and non profit group registration

There is no fee for community groups and non profit organisations to take part in the parade. Please register here

Pride at Work (Corporate) Registration

Parade positions are allocated on a first come first serve basis, so it’s a good idea to book early.

Register now for the 2024 Dublin Pride Parade

Political parties and public service groups

City map. Text reads:
Saturday, Jun 29th 2024. Parade Start: 12.00pm.
1 - O'Connell Street
2 - Eden Quay
3 - Custom House Quay
4 - Talbot Memorial Bridge
5 - City Quay
6 - Lombard Street
7 - Westland Row
8 - Lincooln Place
9 - Merrion Square