We hope you’re ready to SHINE for our 50th Anniversary Dublin Pride march on Saturday, June 29th . The Dublin Pride March & Parade is the largest and most co-ordinated event of its kind in Ireland. In order to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the event, along with the safety and enjoyment of all participants, it is necessary for us to have a number of systems and rules in place.

If you are taking part as an individual or with a group of friends, there is no need to register. You can watch the parade at any point along the route and if you’d like to join in and march, you can do so as the parade turns onto the quays at the top of O’Connell Street. If you have any accessibility needs, we have a number of initiatives to make your experience of Pride as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. See here for more details.

If you are entering the parade as a group or organisation, you need to register in advance. See here for details or email parade@dublinpride.ie There is no fee for community and non-profit organisations, however a fee does apply for commercial groups.

The Parade assembles in two main sections on both sides of O’Connell Street, and this is the order that it moves in. The first section is for LGBTQ+ groups and organisations (GPO side of the street). The second section is for Pride at Work Partners and other ally groups (Cleary’s side of the street, extending into Cathal Brugha Street) and is laid out in different coloured assembly zones based on the colours of the Pride Flag. Your group will be assigned a zone and issued with corresponding wristbands.

Assembly Zones:
Pink - Parade lead and accessibility support section.
Red - Support and advocacy organisations.
Orange - Sport and social groups.
Yellow - Public service groups.
Green - Pride Partners and ally groups.
Blue - Pride Partners and ally groups.
Purple- Pride Partners and ally groups.
Stripes- Pride Partners and ally groups.
Pink Zone: Assemble by 11.30am Estimated Start Time 12.00pm.
Red Zone: Assemble by 11.40am Estimated Start Time 12.10pm.
Orange Zone: Assemble by 11.50am Estimated Start Time 12.20pm.
Yellow Zone: Assemble by 12.00am Estimated Start Time 12.30pm.
Green Zone: Assemble by 12.10am Estimated Start Time 12.40pm.
Blue Zone: Assemble by 12.20am Estimated Start Time 12.50pm.
Purple Zone: Assemble by 12.30am Estimated Start Time 1.00pm.
Stripes Zone: Assemble by 12.30am Estimated Start Time 1.00pm.

Wristbands can either be collected from our Pride Hub, 44 Clarendon Street, D02 YK66, or you can contact parade@dublinpride.ie to arrange for them to be posted to you.

Access to assembly zones for walking groups is from 11.30am and we ask that your group is in position 30 minutes before your zone is scheduled to start moving (see chart above). We encourage you to plan your journey well in advance and where possible use public transport to get into the city and then walk the remainder of the journey to O’Connell Street. There is no vehicle access to O’Connell Street and some surrounding Streets. You can visit transportforireland.ie to plan your journey.

The Parade starts at noon, and it takes about 45 minutes to complete the full route, however it is a pretty big Parade so it can take about 90 minutes for everyone to start moving depending on their position. Your wristband will allow you to move in and out of your assembly area while you’re waiting to move.

City map. Text reads:
Saturday, Jun 29th 2024. Parade Start: 12.00pm.
1 - O'Connell Street
2 - Eden Quay
3 - Custom House Quay
4 - Talbot Memorial Bridge
5 - City Quay
6 - Lombard Street
7 - Westland Row
8 - Lincooln Place
9 - Merrion Square

We have a team of hundreds of people working at the Parade to ensure it runs smoothly, safely, and enjoyably for all. This includes our event management and safety team, licenced stewards and security guards, qualified medics and of course our volunteer Pride Marshal team who will be wearing pink Hi-Viz bibs. We ask that you follow all instructions from our team and show them the utmost respect.

We will also ask you, depending on the size of your group, to nominate 1 – 2 people to act as your own group marshals. The role of your group marshal(s) is to act as our point of contact on the day to pass messages into your group, and to ensure your group follows directions from our team. This is a low commitment role and will not impact on their enjoyment of the event. We ask that your group marshal(s) wear a Hi-Viz bib on the day so they can be easily identified (any Hi-Viz bib will do).

Banners – We suggest no more than 2m – 3m in width and 0.75m – 1m in depth as the easiest to carry and manage. That size also looks better in pictures. To avoid unnecessary waste, we ask that when designing your banners, you not date them and use a design you will be happy with for at least 3 years.

Balloons – As this is an outdoor event, and even biodegradable balloons take at least 6 months to break down, we do not allow balloons.

Bicycles – If you’re wheeling a standard bicycle as you walk that’s no problem, trying to cycle in a Parade where everyone is walking doesn’t really work. If you’re planning on bringing a bicycle with a trailer you need to register it as a bicycle float.

Speakers – We love music and you’re welcome to bring your own speakers or sound systems in the Parade, providing it doesn’t take up more than 0.5m 2 , anything bigger than this needs to be registered as a bicycle/trolley float. Be considerate with the volume.

Bags – It is necessary for us to carry out bag searches on people entering assembly areas or Pride Village, if you can avoid bringing a bag or keep to a small A4 sized bag that’s great, don’t worry if that’s not possible but please understand you may be subject to a bag search.

Umbrellas – Please don’t put umbrellas up in crowded areas or when you’re walking in the Parade.

Alcohol – Alcohol is not permitted on the Parade route or at Pride Village in Merrion Square.

Dogs – Well behaved dogs (excluding restricted breeds) on a leash are always welcome at Pride. Remember to bring water for them. Also bring water for yourself and your children!

Sunscreen – Wear sunscreen.

Water – Stay hydrated. We have a water refill point inside Merrion Square.

Litter – Don’t litter, this includes handing out flyers or promotional items.

Did you know that if everyone gets a new Pride t-shirt each year, and only wears it once, that will have produced more carbon than every other element of the festival combined? If your company is getting branded Pride t-shirts avoid dating them and come up with designs that people will want to wear more than once. Use ethically and sustainably sourced materials.

All floats and pageants, this includes bicycle floats and inflatables, must be registered in advance. Under no circumstances will any float, vehicle or pageant be permitted entry onto O’Connell Street if it has not complied with all safety requirements and been issued an entry pass from our safety partners, Safe Events Global.

If you intend to use a third-party company to manage or support you on the day of Pride, this must be approved in advance. Only companies approved by Dublin LGBTQ Pride are permitted access to the Parade assembly areas. We require that any person working at Dublin Pride (i.e., being paid to be there) complete a safety induction with us before they are issued a wristband to gain entry to the Parade area. There are no exceptions to this rule.

General Parade enquiries and registration: parade@dublinpride.ie
Safety and Insurance submissions: dublinpride@safeevents.ie
Pride at Work Training &Partnerships: hello@prideatwork.ie