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About Dublin LGBTQ Pride

“From what were modest beginnings in 1974, when a small number of courageous individuals marched the streets of Dublin to demand that the Government decriminalise homosexuality, to the first Pride Parade in 1983, just a few months after the brutal murder of a gay man, Declan Flynn, in Fairview Park, to the modern annual parade and festival that has grown to become the largest and most popular event in Dublin next to the St Patrick’s Day Festival, Pride has helped change the laws and constitution of Ireland, as well as the hearts and minds of many of our citizens.” 

President Micheal D Higgins, June 2020

Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride is a not for profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness of the discrimination faced by LGBTQ+ people, promoting diversity and inclusion in society and championing equality for all people. Our work includes:

Dublin Pride Parade & March – Traditionally held annually on the last Saturday of June, to commemorate the events of Stonewall, the Parade is one of the largest coordinated events in Ireland and involves group from over 200 different organisations along with tens of thousands of the general public.

Dublin Pride Festival – June is Pride Month and we support over 100 LGBTQ+ themed events across the city and county of Dublin.

Winter Pride – This is a series of community focused events run over the winter months designed to connect LGBTQ+ people and showcase the supports available at at time of year when they are often needed most.

Pride at Work – An education program that promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace through training and partnerships. The program includes our annual Pride at Work Conference and launching in 2021, our Pride Guide to Recruitment, Employment & Training.

Community Support – We work closely with a variety of LGBT+ charities, community organisations and government agencies to advocate for LGBTQ+ people. Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride also provides financial support to a number of LGBTI+ organisations through our Pride at Work Program.

Dublin LGBTQ Pride CLG is a not for profit Company Limited by Guarantee, Registered no: 431258. Registered address: Outhouse, 105 Capel Street, Dublin 1, Ireland.

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