Turning the Rainbow Green

As part of our commitment to become a net carbon neutral event, we’ve been making some changes to our Parade and Festival.

Understand the impact of our actions and commit to change

Working with sustainability experts, Native Events, we carried out a full review of the carbon cost of our event and launched our Climate Action Policy. This year, a team of experts will monitor and audit all elements of the Parade and Festival and produce a full carbon report.

Take steps now to reduce our carbon footprint

We have reduced the overall number of floats and vehicles in the parade and introduced a ban on the use of diesel trucks and buses in the Parade. (exceptions apply). This year you’ll see a range of floats that are pushed by people power, hybrid vehicles and even an electric truck.

Using smart power technology we’ve been able to more accurately plan our power needs and avoid waste.

Take a balanced and sensible approach

We know we can’t completely eliminate carbon emissions and that climate issues are not the only challenges facing society. In everything we do, we take a balanced and measured approach. A float that was once pulled by a giant diesel truck and is now pulled by a smaller jeep is a win. Using a diesel bus or vehicle to support those with accessibility issues or who may be vulnerable is acceptable, allowing the same thing for corporate branding is not.

Support the Circular Economy

You might recognise some of the floats in our Parade or the decorations at our festival site, we’ve been working closely with organisations like St Patrick’s Festival to reuse and repurpose floats, decorations, signage and other items so that collectively we can all reduce waste.

Don’t sacrifice one human right for another

Former President Mary Robinson once said “Symbols give us our identity, our self image, our way of explaining ourselves to ourselves and to others. Symbols in turn determine the kinds of stories we tell, and the stories we tell determine the kind of history we make and remake”. We know the power of our flag, we have used it since 1978 as way of uniting our community and creating visibility for LGBTQ+ people and will continue to do so.

One of the best ways to reduce our carbon footprint is to avoid single use items. Wear your Pride t-shirts more than once, get better quality flags that last years, give us your flags if you’re not going to use them again. We’ll have a drop off point at our sustainability zone at this years Pride Festival.

Make a Long Term Commitment

This is a log term project supported by The Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications