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A Guide for Businesses at Dublin Pride

Should my business get involved in Dublin Pride?

Yes, celebrating diversity and championing fundamental human rights is something everyone should get involved in.

Do I have to pay to get involved in Dublin Pride?

No, there are lots of different ways to get involved with and support Pride, for practical reasons some of them do cost money but most of them don’t.

Ways to get involved in Dublin Pride

Fly the Pride Flag

The simplest and most visible way to show your support is to fly the Pride flag. When Gilbert Baker, who was challenged by Harvey Milk to come up with a symbol to unite the LGBTI+ community, designed the Pride Flag he refused to trademark it insisting that it always remain free for everyone to use. Today we have a whole host of flags representing the diversity of our community, decorating your workplace with all these colours during Pride season costs no more than the price of a few flags but sends a clear message to staff and clients that you are a welcoming and safe space.

Have your own Pride Event

This could be as easy as dedicating a staff training session to discussing LGBTI+ issues, you could do this yourself or invite a speaker from one of the many LGBTI+ community groups in to help. Many LGBTI+ organisations help fund their front line services by delivering diversity and inclusion talks and workshops in the workplace. You could have your own Pride Party at work or plan a team breakfast before going to the Pride Parade.

Support your LGBTI+ organisations

There are lots of great organisations and community groups that work tirelessly for the LGBTI+ community. You could have a table quiz, a bake sale or some other event to raise funds for them, you don’t have to wait for Pride to do that, they work all year round. Get to know your local community groups and find out what help they need.

The Dublin LGBTQ Pride Parade

This year we are having a Digital Dublin Pride Festival and Parade. If you’d like to get involved and support us, contact

Become a Dublin LGBTQ Pride Sponsor or Partner

Becoming a sponsor or partner is a great way to show that Pride is more than a day. Not only does your financial contribution help make the Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride Festival and Parade the amazing event it is, you also help fund the local, national and international work we carry out year round.

As Dublin LGBTQ Pride is now one of the largest and most visible events in the country, being a Pride Partner or Sponsor is also a great way to showcase your brand while supporting your LGBTQ+ staff and clients. With over 100 events spread over the 10 days of our main Pride Festival, Winter Pride, The Wilde Idea in November and our regular monthly community events, there are opportunities to suit everyone.

  • Festival Sponsorship Packages
  • Event and venue partnerships
  • Print and online advertising
  • Onsite activations
  • Parade participation
  • Bespoke promotional campaigns

For more information contact us

Understanding Pinkwashing

Pinkwashing is when someone promotes themselves as LGBTQ+ friendly in order to be perceived as progressive and tolerant when actually they are not. For example, a company might make a big show of supporting Pride but at the same time not support workers rights or the rights of other minorities. It is also used for businesses or events that appear to be supporting Pride but are actually profiting from it.

We don’t offer one day passes, so before applying to get involved in Dublin Pride, you should be able to agree with the following statements. If you’re not sure on any of them, then we need to talk.

  • We are getting involved with Dublin Pride because we want to celebrate diversity, champion equality and show that we are
    a welcoming and safe space for LGBTI+ staff and clients.
  • We support all fundamental human rights. We do not fund hate and we are not involved in modern slavery.
  • If we sell a Pride themed product or sell tickets to a Pride themed event, we make a meaningful contribution to an LGBTI+ charity or community organisation.
  • We’re in this for more than one day.

Photo credit: Tesco at Dublin Pride. Photo: Gareth Chaney Collins

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