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We share a common belief and commitment with all our wonderful Pride Partners and Sponsors – Pride is more than a Parade. Their year round support, not just of Dublin Pride, but a host of other LGBTQ+ organisations demonstrates that commitment. Becoming a Dublin Pride Partner is a great way to show practical support for your LGBTQ+ community. Not only do your fees contribute to the work of Dublin Pride, they also support other LGBTQ+ projects and organisations. Pride Partners also have access to our Pride at Work diversity and inclusion training program and can qualify for entry into our annual Pride Parade.

Entry to the annual Pride Parade is limited to companies who have been Pride Partners for at least 12 months prior to the Parade Date and have taken part in our training program. The closing date to register for the 2022 Dublin Pride Parade is June 30th 2021.

The closing date to register for our 2021 Virtual Pride Parade is June 1st 2021. For more information contact

Pride at Work is an education program that promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace through training and partnerships. The program includes our annual Pride at Work Conference along with a variety of training events and publications. For more information contact

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