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Cookie Policy

We use very few cookies throughout the website, however the ones we use are only there to provide the basic usability of the website.

Cookies used on all pages

  • Google Analytics – This is used for anonymous gathering of visitor numbers.
  • WordPress – The wordpress CMS powers this website and as such a small number of cookies are used to provide a pleasant web experience.

Cookies used on some news posts

  • YouTube – If a news post includes the embed of a YouTube video a cookie may be set by Google.
  • Facebook / Twitter – If a facebook post or tweet is embedded, they too might use cookies.
  • Google – Should any pages have google docs embedded in them Google may use cookies to help usability.

Should you not want any cookies left on your browser, we suggest leaving this website, disabling cookies in your browser and visiting us again.

Social Media Policies

Social Media is the use of online tools for communications. One of the best examples and most widely used examples would be Facebook. Other examples would be twitter, linkedin and

Using Social Media for Business Purposes

Dublin Pride has a presence on a number of social media sites and it is expected that this presence will increase in the coming years. Dublin Pride Social Media profiles should only be used to publish information about Dublin Pride events and other notifications, advertisements and information of interest to the community at large.

Can I set up a Dublin Pride account on a social media site?

Only authorised users can set up Dublin Pride accounts on social media sites. If you wish to set up a site you must obtain written permission before doing so. Dublin Pride volunteers must acquire written permission from the director of marketing. Non Dublin Pride staff must get written permission from the Dublin Pride Chairperson and from the director of marketing.

Dublin Pride Logo Usage

The Dublin Pride Logo must be added to each page. The Dublin Pride logo can only be added to authorised accounts. The Dublin Pride logo cannot be used on personal accounts. People with admin rights on the accounts should be restricted.

Are Social Media Sites Monitored?

All social media sites are monitored by the marketing/PR department. They will be informed if any content has been added to sites about Dublin Pride. They can then view the content and take appropriate action.

Who can make postings on social media sites on behalf of Dublin Pride?

Only authorised users are permitted to make postings on behalf of Dublin Pride. Authorised users must be careful not to disclose any information on postings which may be confidential to Dublin Pride or to a 3rd Party which has given the information to Dublin Pride in confidence.
Dublin Pride social media accounts must not be used by authorised representatives to express personal opinions or make statements which have not been approved by the board.

Are there guidelines around what can and cannot be posted on social media sites?

The following should be used as guidelines:
All queries regarding Dublin Pride events must be responded to.
Postings which are stating an opinion rather than fact must be sure to include a disclaimer. Please be aware that you are legally responsible for all postings made so please ensure that postings do not infringe on the guidelines set out below. Details on the disclaimer can be seen below:

The views expressed in this posting are my own and are not necessarily the views of Dublin Pride.

Any postings which are:

  • Pornographic;
  • Defamatory;
  • Offensive;
  • Racist;
  • Sexist;
  • Discriminatory; or
  • Obscene.

will not be answered and Dublin Pride reserve the right to remove any postings which meet the criteria above.

Dublin Pride also reserve the right to remove any comments and in some cases also reserve the right to ban users in addition to removing comments.


Please be aware that you must comply with all copyright, privacy and other laws. If you using material from another source please be sure to disclose this and credit the source from which you obtained the information.


For our newsletters we use MailChimp. You can sign up to our newsletters and opt-out of them at your leisure, free of charge. Mailchimp allows Dublin Pride to send rich HTML newsletters which are accessible across multiple types of devices. We will never pass your email details onto a third party and will only ever contact you with newsletters relating to Dublin Pride and associated events/information. MailChimp allows us to confidentially record open rates, click rates and other general statistics for internal use. This is a standard newsletter practice and allows us to better suit subscriber needs.

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