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Trans Pride Dublin 2019 (Break the Binary)

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Date Saturday, July 6th
Time 2:00pm
Location Garden of Remembrance, Dublin 1.
Price Free
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Neither sex or gender is binary, they both exist on a spectrum and we want to make that known. This year Trans Pride Dublin are taking to the streets again, it’s time that we liberate ourselves from oppressive gender roles and norms. The societal expectations that the gender binary enforces act like a prison for all of us, not just gender non conforming people, trapping us in outdated and often sexist gender roles which we are punished for breaking away from.

We refuse to be limited or imprisoned any longer. It is time to smash the binary and all that it represents. This goes for sex as well as gender, with an unscientific approach to biology being responsible for the unnecessary and invasive practice of intersex genital mutilation, which must be stopped. Rigid gender roles have no place in the progressive society that we need to create if we want trans liberation.
It’s time to #breakthebinary!

We are going to be marching on 6th July, which will be the 27th anniversary of Marsha P Johnson’s death. Marsha P Johnson was a central figure in the original Stonewall riots of 1969, which led to the modern pride movement. Marsha was a trans woman of colour and a heroic trailblazer, not just for the trans community but for the LGBTQ+ community as a whole. We are proud to continue her legacy by keeping up the fight for trans rights.

The voices of the trans community will not be silenced or ignored, we refuse to be hidden or secluded on the side streets of the city. We are going to march from the Garden of Remembrance to Merrion Square, via O’Connell Bridge, Westmoreland Street and Nassau Street.

Dublin Pride should also be able to march in the heart of the city and we support the GCN petition that follows,

This is a protest for the rights and needs of the trans community, but also where we can celebrate our victories. This is a community event and not a corporate money making scheme. Those who profit from the suffering of our community, deny us our rights or benefit from exploitation or oppression, in general, are not welcome.

This is an open invitation to all trans, non-binary, intersex and cis people to attend. This is a trans event but we welcome all our allies to come march with us. Please get involved with making this Trans Pride a success, we encourage you to come along but to also bring others. Invite your friends, family, co-workers and fellow students and start a conversation about trans rights, raise the issue of trans equality in your student or trade union and any other campaigning or civic groups that you’re involved in and encourage them to join the protest.

The theme of this year’s Trans Pride is Breaking The Binary. While the protest will be different from last year’s, it will still be a grassroots, anti-corporate event. We are fighting for Trans Liberation, not Rainbow Capitalism.

Hope to see you there!

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