The Queer History of Fabric with Dr. Caroline West

From red umbrellas, quilts, embroidery, and big knickers, activists from marginalised communities have a long history of using fabric as a tool to protest, create visibility and communication, or interrogate sexual and gender norms. In this sense, fabric is a visual language to use to communicate a group’s needs. This webinar looks at some of these methods and fabrics and outlines how they can reach across borders to connect and communicate, looking particularly at needlework, clothes, and glitter.

A simple thread or speck of glitter has the power to build community, act as tools of resistance, and develop identity. The utlitisilation of fabric can unsettle queerness through invoking the monstrous, as seen in the work of drag artist Yovska who employs fabric to convey queer immigrant experiences and challenge the norms of drag and homonormativity. Covering these forms of textiles, this webinar will work to add the visual language of fabric to the verbal and visual narrative of activism.

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Jun 08 2021


7:30 pm



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