Mental Fitness: Become more resilient

Professionalism and experience do not make you immune to stress and burnout!  In fact, nobody is immune.  Everyone has had a tough year and these days especially we can do with learning new skills to improve our mental fitness levels.

“Mental Health” can still be a workplace taboo, with people pushing themselves to sickness rather than minding their minds. A person who deliberately practices mental fitness will be more resilient and have improved coping skills.

Join Gillian and Alex in their talk about how to develop and improve mental fitness to create a greater sense of wellbeing.

This event is taking place live from Dublin, Ireland. Please calculate the time difference if joining from elsewhere.

About the Host:

Under The Rainbow was created by Gillian Fagan, Dermot McCarthy and Philippa Ryder. Each founder came from a corporate background and were united by their activism for human rights and equality. With a passion for health and wellbeing their individual stories are very unique yet all have this thing in common; they overcame our struggles by stepping into their authenticity. They have a wealth of experience in helping companies and individuals overcome challenges, be their true selves and embrace the concept of mental fitness. Under The Rainbow specialise in workplace wellness and see equality, diversity and inclusion as a key component of good mental health.  They go that extra mile to help empower others.

Gillian Fagan

Gillian is a CEO, mental health consultant, trainer, therapist and leader in diversity and inclusion. She worked in financial services, mostly in litigation and risk management for over 21 years before becoming a full-time therapist and workplace wellness advocate.  She founded and manages 2 companies (AcoraTherapy and Under The Rainbow) which promote wellbeing.  Being a specialist in the areas of empowered leadership, anxiety management, workplace wellness, and human behavior, Gillian is a keynote speaker on resilience, uncertainty and coping mechanisms.   Gillian’s mission is to make an impact by normalizing “mental fitness” and helping people accept themselves for a healthier and happier life.  She helps people connect with their true self to feel empowered to live life on their terms.

Alex Hanley 

Alex operates as The Bearded Coach and works with individuals and couples to improve their health, getting control of their eating habits and most importantly, change their attitude and mindset around food, fitness and personal development. Between one on one coaching and public workshops, it is his mission to help people making lasting changes that suit and serve them in the long term.    

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Jun 10 2021


12:30 pm - 1:10 pm



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Under the Rainbow


Under the Rainbow
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