Dublin LGBTQ Pride launches bid for EuroPride 2022

The organising committee of the Dublin LGBTQ Pride Festival are delighted to announce that they have submitted a bid to host EuroPride 2022. Having recently become the 100th member of the European Pride Organisers Association (EPOA). today Dublin LGBTQ Pride made the announcement that they were one of the five European cities bidding for the festival

Jed Dowling, Festival Director of Dublin Pride, said:

“2022 will mark a hundred years of Irish independence. Hosting EuroPride will celebrate two of the most important influences on the development of our country, Europe and Pride. Dublin had its first Pride event around the time we joined the EU. Since we embraced both, we have become one of the most progressive cities in the world. We are a technology and business hub for Europe, but we are also a city that overwhelmingly voted to support marriage equality in 2015, and a woman’s right to choose in 2018. Dublin Pride has grown from a dozen people to over 100,000 taking part in our event.”

“By hosting EuroPride in 2022 we will show that we can celebrate all the benefits of being part of something bigger and at the same time celebrate our independence and individuality. And of course, as this is Dublin, we can guarantee that the craic will be mighty.”