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Meet the Volunteers: Nem

For a long time, our movement has centred around the needs of white, cis, able-bodied gay men. Over the years, however, we have worked hard to challenge this notion, to include people of colour and make sure that our bi, our trans, our intersex, our asexual and aromatic siblings feel welcome, seen and supported. While […]

Meet the Volunteers: Keely

We continue our Dublin Pride volunteer profile series with LGBTQ+ advocate Keely (she/her). After working with Dublin Pride from 2009 – 2020, she stayed involved with Dublin Pride as a volunteer. How did you first become involved with Dublin Pride? “I began working with Dublin Pride way back in 2009, and it somehow both doesn’t […]

Meet the Volunteers: Vivek

Bringing volunteers to the table and actively involving them in the decision-making process can be beneficial for organisations and their leaders. Fresh perspectives and new ideas lay bare systemic weaknesses and pave the way for reform. The Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride Volunteer Programme encourages the participation of its volunteers to ensure that the organisation remains as […]

Meet the Volunteers: Brendan

The Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride Volunteer Programme attracts individuals from all walks of life; from students to social workers, business and IT professionals and more. In addition to allowing you to use your skills outside an educational or professional setting, we also provide training opportunities for volunteers. Brendan (he/him) is not just an LGBTQ+ community activist […]

Meet the Volunteers: Gilly

Volunteers donating their time and skills are the backbone of many non-profit organisations. However, they too often remain anonymous. To recognise and acknowledge their contributions to our community, we want to shine a light on some of our Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride volunteers. Last year, we sat down with Gilly (she/her) to chat about volunteering with […]

Meet the Volunteers: Pat

Pat (he/him) has been a dedicated volunteer with Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride since 2015 and Chief Marshal and coordinator of the Pride Parade since 2018. He is also a member of The Social Democrats. Unfortunately, we couldn’t have a full-sized Pride Parade in 2020 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but with a lot of planning […]