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Uncover: A Series of Portraits – June 25 to July 1

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Date Monday, June 25th
Time 7:00pm
Location The Library Project, Temple Bar, Dublin 1.
Price Free
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Gay Switchboard Ireland has engaged queer photographer Brian Teeling to create an exhibition which sees individuals from all walks of Irish society photographed, from politicians to musicians and artists and activists to unsung heroes. This crosssection of the LGBTQ community represents the diversity of individuals within it and seeks to uncover the issues that confront those who access Gay Switchboard Ireland. Many of those included are torch-bearers in our society as they transform and represent change in Ireland.

The exhibition will run throughout the week of Pride in the Library Project in Temple Bar. Proceeds from the project will support Gay Switchboard Ireland, Ireland’s longest-running voluntary LGBT+ support service

Accessible to people with mobility issues.


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